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Born in Montrose Scotland, Molly is a founder member of Average White Band (1971-1983). He then played with the likes of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Tom Petty, Eurythmics, Eric Clapton, Chris Rea, Buddy Guy, The RTL Allstars and Incognito & many more.

Molly uses a Selmer Mark V1 saxophone with a Rafael Navarro Bahia 9 and La Voz reeds.

Molly's Music

Concert Dates

11th January 2019 Wolsburg Jazz Club with Albie Donnelly

25th January 2019 Essen with Meinhard Siegel Trio

26th January 2019 Wesel with Michelle SGP

6th February 2019 606 Club London with 360

8th February 2019 Whitstable with 360

22nd February 2019 Neunkirchen with Supercharge

25th February 2019 Mönchengladbach with Paddy Zimmermann

16th March 2019 Schloss Horst, Gelsenkirchen with Meinhard Siegel Trio

23rd March 2019 Nottuln with Super charge

13th April 2019 Haldern with Cold Sweat

14th April 2019 Scloss Borbeck Essen with Ensemble West

16th - 17th April 2019 Hilden wth Axel Fischbacher Quartet

18th April 2019 Jazzkeller, Krefeld with Axel Fischbacher

25th April 2019 Munich with Albie Donnelly

26th April 2019 Magazine Bad Reichenhall with Albie

27th April 2019 Birdland Neuberg an der Donau with Albie

3rd May 2019 Biniali, Mallorca

10th May 2019 Son Amar Jazz Club, Mallorca with Toni Cuenca Quartet

12th May 2019 Santa Maria

14th May 2019 Es Gremi, Palma

18th May 2019 Santa Maria with Speak No Evil

20th May 2019 Port de Soller

24th May 2019 Swansea with Hamish Stuart

13th - 14th June 2019 Baden Baden with The Voyagers

28th June 2019 Laggenbeck with Go Music

18th July 2019 606 Club, London with Hamish Stuart Band

21st July 2019 Edinburgh Jazz Festival with Hamish Stuart

27th July 2019 Freilaubersheim with Supercharge

29th July - 3rd August 2019 Teaching Summerjazz Hilden

2nd October 2019 Southend with 360

4th October 2019 Swansea with 360

26th October 2019 Mönchengladbach with Paddy Zimmermann

9th November 2019 Neuhaus with Supercharge

15th November 2019 Salzgitter with Albie Donnelly

16th November 2019 Lubbecke with Albie

27th December 2019 Heiligenhaus with Supercharge


1. The Journey

2. Hornography

3. Kyoto

4. The Catch

5. Jammin' In My Head

6. Tudo Bom

7. So It Is

8. Take It Easy

9. A Touch Of Trini

10. Dog's Life


1. Have Faith In Yourself

2. Dont Say Its Goodbye

3. We Can Do Anything

4. So Long

5. Higher

6. Save It For Me

7. Put Your Hands To The Sky

8. Boogie To The Night

9. We'll Get There In The End

10. Bag It Up


"360" with Hamish Stuart and Steve Ferrone - View Facebook page

"Knee Deep" with Tim Cansfield (Guitar & Vocals), Arden Hart (Keys & Vocals), Tony Mason (Drums), Otto Williams (Bass), Neil Sidwell (Trombone), Klaus Wangorsch (Trumpet), Martin Ernst (Organ), M.D. (Sax)

Horny horns

Cold Sweat

"The RTL Allstars" with Martin Ernst and the family

"Supercharge" with Albie Donnelly

Molly Duncan Jazz/ Funk Team ( Mallorca )

JBiA production ( Scotland )

Cold Sweat production ( Germany )

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